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Our mother/mother-in-law/Bubbie (grandmother)/great-grandmother was an incredible person who made her family her 1st priority every single day. She established Friday Night Dinner as an institution in our family...a tradition that carries on today. Hence, the name of our Team "Burke Family FND".

Here is a quote from one of the many eulogies given by her grandchildren:

"My most cherished and revered set of childhood memories were made around the Friday Night Dinner table at my Bubbie Pauline and Zeidi Sol’s apartment on Antibes Drive. And not just childhood memories either … for the first 32 years of my life – nearly all my life – my bub Pauline’s home was the most constant --- the most wonderfully … predictably … utterly and unfailingly welcoming and warm place. It didn’t matter the season, the year or the decade … it was always the same – BEAUTIFULLY the same … for my whole life I could walk into her apartment on a Friday night and everything would just be right in my world. Everyday cares or dramas would evaporate. … Sometimes in the hallway even before I walked into her apartment, or maybe in her calling out “Hello Dear!” or in our first conversation or in her bright, and not infrequently mischievous, laugh or just somewhere in embrace of her love and the love of my family."

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