ASiO - 2022 Poetry Contest

The written word is how you can express your feelings and experiences in a way others can understand.

Whether you consider yourself a poet or are writing for the first time, we encourage you to submit your poetry about your experience with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias, being a care partner, and more.

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  • Submission is open to anyone age thirteen and up. Those under 18 must receive parental/guardian consent upon submitting their entry.
  • Any entries that contain profanity, derogatory, racist, or homophobic language will be exempt from being shared.
  • Poems must be 300 words or less.


  • Participants whose poems are selected will be given the opportunity to have their poems featured on the Alzheimer Society's website, newsletter and social media.
  • By submitting a poem, you accept that your poem will be utilized in any future marketing materials, in full or part, including but not limited to online, print, etc. We reserve the right to not publish a poem for any reason. All individual poetry remains the property of the author.

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