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Together Apart - A Guide To Visiting From A Distance

Staff from the Alzheimer Society of Peterborough, Kawartha Lakes, Northumberland, Haliburton, the Alzheimer Society of Oxford and the Alzheimer Society of Ontario have written and produced this Guide in response to COVID-19 to help reduce the social isolation people living with dementia are facing, which you can download below (click on the icon to download).


The reality is that people living with dementia faced social isolation regularly before COVID-19 but with physical distancing a requirement, the isolation has intensified. Fully knowing the value of our volunteer visitors in the lives of our clients living with dementia and their care partners and the connection between the volunteer and the person living with dementia, we wanted to respond by equipping our volunteers to change their in-person visits to virtual visits. 

Although our initial goal was to equip our volunteers with a resource that would help them in their virtual visits, we realized that family members could also use the Guide to help them in connecting and spending time with their family member living with dementia. 

We hope this resource will be very helpful to you as a volunteer, family or friend visitor and that it will bring joy to your life and the person who is living with dementia.

Dementia and COVID-19: Strategies for Caregivers Videos

Hygiene and Dementia Part 1 Hygiene and Dementia Part 2 Communication Strategies Self-care

Helpful Videos

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Tech Support for Using Zoom

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People living with Alzheimer’s and dementia are especially vulnerable at this time, if you are able to, please consider supporting the essential services and programs that benefit this community.