Saturday, January 29, 2022

Join us for an at home, family friendly scavenger hunt.

Complete the scavenger hunt anytime on Saturday, January 29 and celebrate your community’s journey along the way! Collect all 8 clues to reveal a secret phrase and receive a kind-nection prize pack!

Participation is easy as…


Register for the Quest for Kindness. No additional registration is required for participation day-of.


Turn your kind-nections into donations by proudly sharing how you're making our community a friendlier place. Funds raised help support our programs and services.


Download the kind-nection home kit and complete the scavenger hunt in your very own home on Saturday, January 29!


How do I register for the day-of event?

Register for the Quest for Kindness here. No additional registration for day-of is required. If you decide to complete the at home scavenger hunt, simply download the kind-nection at home kit and let the fun begin!

Kind-nection stations contain a QR code which will reveal a secret word and illustrate the many wonderful acts of kindness our community has made! Collect all 10 words to unveil a secret phrase. Submit your unscrambled phrase by Monday, February 7 to receive a kind-nections prize pack. Submit your answer to, with the subject line “Secret phrase answer”.

This family friendly and accessible event is geared towards everyone. Kind-nection stations will be equipped with a tangible clue, in the event an electronic device is unavailable.

Our Quest for Kindness at home scavenger hunt is fully optional. You can have a positive impact on someone’s day by completing kind-nections between January 1 and 29 and fundraising to support those living with dementia! Please share with us on our social media channels, your kind-nections in your community by using the hashtag #QuestforKindness in your posts!

For additional questions, please contact Melinda Good at .

During the month of January, funds raised will be matched* thanks to the generosity of the Carswell Family Foundation. *Funds raised for the Alzheimer Society of Toronto will be matched up to $100,000.

Thank you to our sponsors

Carswell Family Foundation
Dunfield Retirement Residence
Toronto Memory Program