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Alzheimer Society

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Help the Alzheimer Society offer support, information and education to people with dementia, their families and caregivers.

The Mary Bernice Allen Memorial Fund is generously matching EVERY DOLLAR donated to this Fund a Need! Not sure what you want to support? Donate here to have TWICE the impact.
The Alzheimer Society Research Program (ASRP) is one of Canada's most innovative hubs for dementia research, helping the best and brightest minds in the field spark their work from ideas to impact.
Click to watch this video. Social programming, counselling and support has changed during these unprecedented times. With your support, you can help keep programming running so that no client ever has to feel alone.
Research has proven that physical movement and exercise has positive results in maintaining a healthy brain and lifestyle. Our NIA program is a client favourite. Facilitated by a certified NIA instructor, the sessions offer a safe and lively environment of gentle exercise and non-impact aerobics. Your donation will cover the facilitator fees from an 8 week session.
AS delivers dementia-specific education to thousands of health care professionals. With the prevalence of dementia rising, there is an urgent need for professionals to be well-equipped to support families. For $1700, you can help 20 health care professionals receive dementia specific training to support people with dementia and their caregivers (includes all program materials and postage fees)
Physical distancing often means losing access to public spaces where computers and Internet are available. For some individuals, they may not be able to afford the technology or Internet access. For $350, you could purchase a tablet and wifi hub for a client and caregiver so they can access programming with ease and security.
Being engaged creatively can ease common behavioral symptoms of dementia like anxiety, agitation and depression. A blend of hands-on and art theory, this program explores different genres and styles, and is taught in a failure-free environment to inspire individual creativity.You can help help cover the cost of the facilitator fee for an 8-week series as well as the cost of mailing supplies to the clients.
Activity Kits provide people living with dementia the opportunity to take part in at-home, person-centred therapeutic recreational programming. These kits are customized to the person's interests and abilities, and serve to increase a person's wellbeing, sense of engagement, usefulness and accomplishment.
Adult Day Programs provide people living with dementia much-needed social engagement and cognitive stimulation while also offering respite for the caregiver. With your support, a person iving with dementia can register for 4 days per month of Adult Day Programming in the community.
The need for specialized dementia interventions is greater than ever. With your help, our team of care navigators and social workers can reach and support more individuals and families as they navigate the dementia journey.
Dementia impacts everyone. AS Public Education Sessions attracted more than tens of thousands members of the general public last year. With your support, our education teams can continue to expand its reach, bringing dementia awareness to more people in the community.
Not having food on the table is a sad reality for far too many. Clients often allocate much of their budget toward the purchase of groceries. For $125, you can help someone purchase groceries for one week and give them the peace of mind of knowing where their next meal will come from.
Incontinence Products can make up a large part of a clients' expenses. With $250 you can help a client purchase a month supply of incontinence products.
As the number of Canadians diagnosed with dementia increases, we have a greater need to purchase music that is relevant to a younger and diverse population. You can help support the Alzheimer Society Music Project with the donation of iTunes gift cards.
These unprecedented times have magnified the need to help our most vulnerable. You can help give clients one hour of peace of mind with respite options, such as local Social Recreation Programs, help people with dementia stay socially engaged and caregivers gain valuable respite time.
The cost of getting to and from counselling appointments, workshops and/or programs can be a barrier for some clients. In some situations, navigating public transportation presents an additional challenge for people living with dementia. You can help a client travel safe to and from their destination with ease and by paying for their transportation (e.g. Taxi, Uber, Public Transportation).
For $100 you can help one person living with dementia receive a music package made just for them. Each music package consists of: 1 MP3 player, 1 charging cable, 1 over-the-ear headphones, 1 wall charger, a full playlist tailored to the recipient with music selected by the caregiver.

Thank you for your support of the Fund A Need. Your donation will go towards making a difference in the lives of caregivers across Ontario. The resources each Alzheimer Society needs will vary based on their clients needs. Your donation will go to the highest priority at the Alzheimer Society so that no client has to feel alone.