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It’s all about your Kids

Carswell Camily Foundation Logo 300x132.jpgThe Carswell Family Foundation has generously donated $50,000 to the Walk for Memories as a matching campaign.
From November 1st December 31st, The Carswell Family Foundation will match all donations up to $50k to all of our youth (3-17) fundraisers.

Alzheimer Society Toronto is taking on a new initiative in 2018: Teaching kids about charity.

The power of giving can be rewarding for both parents and the children. Learning about giving and helping others provides children a feeling of empowerment in an uncertain world where unexpected and frightening events happen. A great way to reinforce charitable values is to make giving a family activity. It is especially important to teach young ones that they are part of a larger community, and that we are responsible for everyone around us. By giving the value of charity a central role in the family dynamic, parents can encourage their child to grow up with a healthy sense of compassion and a strong charitable spirit.

Parents will be asked to register their children (3+) for the walk, and encourage them to fundraise.

We will send a package out to youth (3-17) (addressed to parent and child).

  1. Contents to include: Letter to parent
  2. Package for kids


  1. Focus Newsletter- Booklet filled with information about discussing Alzheimer’s Disease with your children.
  2. Fundraising Guide: for parents, and to read to children.
  3. Seed Packets: to grow flowers, and give away to grandparent, senior in the neighbourhood, etc.
  4. Paper Flowers (sell for $2).
  5. Info on the Family Slumber Party.


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