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March 2022 - Issue 3

Connections That Matter

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In this edition:

  1. What's happening in Sarnia-Lambton? Local events, social recreation programs, webinars, and more!
  2. Make Healthy Food Choices this Nutrition Month
  3. International Women’s Day: Women & Alzheimer’s disease
  4. Thank you, social workers!
  5. Let Your Voice be Heard! Check out these opportunities

What’s happening in Sarnia-Lambton? Local events, social recreation programs, webinars, and more!

When should I help someone with living dementia?

First ask yourself: is there a safety risk if I don’t help?; would they appreciate my help?; would helping instead cause frustration? You might find away that you agree will signal when they would like your help. You may be able to help by introducing yourself to others, so they don’t have to admit they don’t remember a name. Maybe it is best to ask if they would like your help or let them try first. Each situation is going to be different and can be difficult to navigate. You will have to respond based on what you know about them, and what would work best for them as an individual.

Quick tips for assisting with agitation

  • Try to match instructions to abilities
  • Try to also match tasks to abilities
  • Consider: how do they do well?; when do they do well?; where?;with whom…?
  • Be positive, calm and friendly
  • Look for reason behind the behaviour. What could be a trigger?
  • Try asking them! Sometimes they can share what is causing the agitation
  • See if you can add comfort. This might be given them control, distraction to a favourite activity or words of reassurance.

Dementia-Friendly Canada project

The Dementia-Friendly Canada project is a partnership between Alzheimer Societies across the country. Providing free tools and resources towards building knowledge and confidence to support and include people affected by dementia to live well in our community. Would you like to support this cause?

If your group, business, club, or organization would like to learn more about helping with this goal, contact Christine at 519-332-4444.

Minds in Motion

Minds in Motion? is a program that combines physical activity and mental and social stimulation for individuals with early to mid-stage Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias, and their care partners. This program runs once a week for 8 weeks, and offers a great environment to establish new friendships with others who are living with similar experiences.

Upcoming Sessions: Strangway Centre: Monday, March 7th Monday, April 25th 1:45pm-3:15pm Cost: $10 per person. Limited spots available. Please register at: https://ca.apm.activecommunities.com/sarnia/Home or by calling 519-332-0656

Grace United Church: Tuesday, March 15th Tuesday, May 3rd 10:00am-12:00pm Cost: $15 per person. Limited spots available. Please register by emailing bsalenbien@alzheimersarnia.ca or by calling Brooke at 519-332-4444 ext. 234

To learn more about the program or to be added to our wait list, please email Brooke at bsalenbien@alzheimersarnia.ca or by phone at 519-332-4444 ext. 234.

Topical Tuesdays with Christine: Tips on Caring or Someone Living with Dementia

March 1, 3pm: Potentials of Progression March 8, 3pm: Communication Tips March 15, 3pm: Reminders and Routines March 22, 3pm: Validation Approach

The spirit of the holiday season brought a joyous feel to our programming. It was apparent in the consistent cheerful mood of all our participants and the contagious laughter throughout the day.

Bonus Wednesday:

March 30, 7pm: Understanding Dementia & The Finding Your Way Program

Email Christine at cwright@alzheimersarnia.ca to receive the information on how to attend. If this time and date does not work for you, still email Christine and alternatives will be looked at. Individual or family educational sessions can also be arranged.

Activities and Recipes

March Word Search

March IQ Quiz

Diabetic-Friendly Cheese Balls Recipe

Make Healthy Food Choices this Nutrition Month

This Nutrition Month, we encourage you to make healthy food choices that will not only improve your general health but will benefit your brain! While there are no special food requirements for people living with dementia, incorporating a well-balanced and nutritious diet is extremely beneficial for your body.

Here are a few ways you can follow a healthy diet!

  1. Incorporate the colours of the rainbow into your meals by reaching for blue and purple fruits and vegetables that are packed with antioxidants like blackberries, purple cabbage, and plums, or go green with fruits and veggies like broccoli, avocados, and pears that are good for your brain and benefit your bones!
  2. Make your healthy meals extra flavourful by adding a variety of herbs, spices, nuts, and olives to your recipes. Don’t be afraid to get creative!
  3. Develop healthy eating patterns by planning meals in advance. There are many meal planning apps and websites you can utilize to help your process, or simply use a sheet of paper!

For more tips on following a healthy diet this Nutrition Month, please click here.

International Women’s Day: Women & Alzheimer’s disease

Women are disproportionately impacted by dementia—those living with dementia and care partners alike. In fact, 72% of Canadians living with Alzheimer’s disease are women and in general, women are more likely to become the primary care partner to someone living with dementia.

On March 8, empower the women in your life who are living with dementia, the women who are caring for someone living with dementia, and women every where, by reaching out and letting them know you are there for them.

Thank you, social workers!

This #NationalSocialWorkMonth, the Alzheimer Society thanks the hardwork and contributions social workers make in the lives of those living with and impacted by dementia.

We recognize the passion and effort that you bring to your work and encourage you to try and maintain a positive mind by keeping these positive affirmations in your heart:

💙 I believe in myself.

💙 I am not "just" a social worker.

💙 I can do anything, but not everything.

💙 It is okay to ask for help and keep learning.

💙 I deserve "me" time.

💙 I am proud of myself.

Let Your Voice be Heard! Check out these opportunities.

SE Research Dementia Journal

Are you a family caregiver or a person living with dementia in a rural, remote, or isolated community in Canada? Your feedback is needed. You will receive a $50 honorarium in appreciation for your time. Learn more here.

Opportunity for Participation: Dementia Surveillance Project

Are you a person living with dementia or care partner in Canada? Participate in a virtual focus group where your perspective will help shape Canada’s dementia data system and help promote quality of life for those impacted by the disease. Learn more here.

Research on Rural-Dwelling Older Persons with Dementia & Their Care Partners

Take part in a study about care practices that help improve the physical & cognitive functioning after a hospital stay. Participation will involve one interview via telephone or video conference or at your home. An honnorarium will be provided. Learn more here.

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People living with Alzheimer’s and dementia are especially vulnerable at this time, if you are able to, please consider supporting the essential services and programs that benefit this community.

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