Andreae Alzheimer Lecture
George Ignatieff Theatre

Please join us for an exciting lecture featuring Dr. Frank Rudzicz, and learn more about our services and impact.

Language as a lens into cognition in assessment software

Presented byFrank Rudzicz, PhD

Language provides a precise lens into cognition, and we are increasingly using machine intelligence to peer through that lens. This talk describes different technologies Dr. Rudzicz’s group has developed to assess for cognitive decline, and to help manage it, through language. We see linguistic differences in everyday speech can be indicative of cognitive decline, and our goal is for modern tools, such as conversational robotics, to be used to extend the quality of life for people living with these declines.We’ll talk about how individuals with Alzheimer’s disease express trouble in a conversation through their voice, and how we can use machine learning software to avoid those breakdowns in communication in the first place. I will also discuss some thoughts on the future of AI in clinical medicine, along these lines.



Time: 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
George Ignatieff Theatre - Trinity College
15 Devonshire Place
Toronto, ON M5S 1H8

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